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Smokebuddy's Commitment to sustainable manufacturing

Made from plant-based, renewable bioplastic material, Conserves energy and natural resources while reducing environmental impact, Safer for employees, communities and customers, Provides for Eco-friendly advancements in the manufacturing, packaging, distribution & overall reliability of every Smokebuddy Air Filter.


Plastic pollution is one of the most persistent wast problems affecting mankind and the natural environment. Derived from renewable resources, the Eco Series kickstarts a new era of environmentally sustainable manufacturing initiatives for Smokebuddy. Beginning with the Original Eco, the series will expand to include Eco Coffee and Eco Tea

Recyclable, biodegradable & compostable, Bioplastics are derived from plant-based, renewable materials (hemp, corn sugar, potato, woodchips & straw. Compared to oil-based plastics, they are significantly less toxic, reduce fossil fuel resources & landfill space, greenhouse gas emissions & improve water quality.


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Embrace Renewable Products

Support Clean Energy Sources, Consume Less Water & Paper, Set Appliances to Eco Mode, Minimize Your Waste, Recycle Responsibly , Drive Less; Walk More; Support Local Growers & Markets, Add Solar Panels, Eat Less Meat

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